16 Days of Activism

What is 16 Days of Activism?

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of violence, particularly on women.

The campaign starts 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and concludes 10 December, Human Rights Day. These dates were chosen in order to symbolically link violence against women with human rights issues. In particular, this campaign emphasises the fact that violence, in any form, is a violation of human rights.

Know your statistics

16 Days of Activism Fact sheet [PDF: 192KB]

Working with schools to challenge gender stereotypes


Research shows that to prevent gender-based violence we need to promote positive, equal and respectful relationships. This means we need to challenge gender stereotypes, which are ideas made about people based on whether they are male or female.

So, together with Communities for Children Frankston, WHISE has worked with local schools, asking students to draw pictures that challenge traditional gender stereotypes. These drawings feature on coffee cups, posters, postcards and social media throughout the campaign period.

Challenging gender stereotypes is such an important step in creating and promoting positive, equal and respectful relationships and making sure that our children are able to be the best versions of themselves.

We’ve been amazed at the work produced by the students. The drawings are delightful, honest and refreshing, and we’re proud to be showcasing them on all the promotional material for the campaign.

A huge thanks to Ballam Park Preschool, Seaford Primary School and Karingal Primary School as well as all the students who drew pictures that challenged gender stereotypes as part of this campaign.

Our hope is that we can all take something from the drawings and learn from children to make a positive impact on gender-based violence and gender equality.

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View drawings

Coffee cup campaign



Cafes play an important role in the community of bringing people together, which is why we want to spread the message to end gender-based violence through the use of these recyclable takeaway coffee cups. We hope that this will start a very important discussion around why we need to challenge gender stereotypes and how it links to gender-based violence.

This year, a whopping 80 cafes in the Southern Metropolitan Region are participating in 16 Days of Activism. Visit a cafe near you and check out the beautifully drawn artwork on the cups:








How can I get involved?

Follow our Facebook page to see all the events taking place during 16 Days of Activism, as well as getting to know the significance of each day throughout the campaign. facebook.com/whisewomen

Get active on social and take photos of the ways you challenge gender stereotypes using the hashtags: #challengegenderstereotypes #16days #FreeFromViolence Show your community that violence against women starts with changing attitudes and leaving those traditional ideas of how boys and girls should act, where they belong – in the past.

For all you coffee lovers, you can visit participating cafes in the South East, buy a hot choccie or coffee and snap a selfie with our 16 Days of Activism cups! Don’t forget to hashtag #challengegenderstereotypes #16days #FreeFromViolence and we’ll be sure to share your pics with our online community!

There are a number of events taking place from 25 November to 10 December. Check out all the activities you can get involved in:

Calendar of events

You can download our A3 sized posters here:




Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a great way to connect, advocate and get the word out! We have compiled a social media toolkit for people looking to participate in the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

The aim of this toolkit is to assist individuals and organisations to promote consistent messaging internally and externally about the campaign as well as raise awareness about the types of gender inequities that still exist today for women and the link to gender-based violence.

You can download the Social Media Toolkit [PDF: 1.9MB] here:




As the campaign rolls out, there will be a lot of global activity. You can keep informed about what's happening locally here.Media release: School kids drawing a positive future for gender equality [PDF: 84KB]
Media release: The City of Stonnington supports the campaign to end violence against women
Frankston City News - 16 Days of Activism [PDF: 184KB]
Herald Sun article: Children challenge gender stereotypes in their poignant drawings

Partner Organisations

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is supported by the Preventing Violence Together Strategy Partnership

We would like to acknowledge The 16 Days of Activism working group, who have been instrumental in the development and roll out of this regional campaign. Thank you to the following organisations:

fmpfv_network.jpg mps_monologo_0.jpg stonnington_cos_logo_web_0.jpg cardiniasc_web.jpg
gecc_logo_greencmyk_coated_green_text.jpg cfc_frankston.jpg smpcp_logo.jpg intouch_rel1_v_col_strap.jpg
  • Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Family Violence Network
  • Mornington Peninsula Shire
  • City of Stonnington
  • Cardinia Council
  • Glen Eira City Council
  • Communities for Children Frankston (Anglicare Victoria)
  • Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership
  • In Touch

We’d also like to thank Our Watch for allowing us to use their messages and images from their resource: ‘Know you’re A-Z: Preventing violence against women’ poster