Vision & Mission

WHISE is currently undergoing a review and redevelopment of the organisation’s Strategic Plan. Read more

Our Vision

To improve the health and well-being of women in the Southern Metropolitan Region within a Social Model of Health and within a feminist perspective.

Our Mission

To provide a range of services that acknowledges the diversity of women and their total well-being To be accessible to all women in a safe and women-friendly environment To promote best practice in health service delivery for marginalised women, both in specialised and in mainstream service providers.

Our Goals

Advocacy: Achieving system and policy change Health Promotion: Achieving best practice in Health Promotion especially to marginalised women Well-being Promotion: Improving community participation and social connectedness.

Our Strategies

  • Working with key State, Commonwealth and regional groups, to inform and advocate government on policy improvements and service system changes
  • Providing services directly to women in the community, using our expertise on equity and access for women from the most marginalised groups in society Working directly with women to promote health and well-being via the provision of information, education, self help and their inclusion in decision making processes
  • Providing services to ‘mainstream’ service providers to help them more effectively meet the needs of women most at risk
  • Maintaining the staff, resources, and infrastructure at the level necessary to achieve the goals.

WHISE Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (PDF:112KB)