WHISE is committed to ensuring compliance with relevant privacy, confidentiality and security legislation – to protect our clients, our staff and our organisation.

All individuals, including staff, contractors, volunteers and students who come into contact with, or have access to, confidential information, have a responsibility to maintain privacy, confidentiality and security of that information.

It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that they understand their obligations and responsibilities under this policy.

Confidential information may include information relating to:

  • Clients and/or family members e.g. client records, conversations and financial information
  • Employees, contractors, volunteers, students e.g. salaries, employment records, disciplinary actions
  • Third parties e.g. vendor contracts, computer software, technology
  • Business information e.g. financial records, reports, memos, contracts, computer programs, technology
  • Operations improvement, quality assurance, peer review e.g. reports, presentations, survey results

Confidential information may only be released to a third party with the approval of the CEO (in relation to general documents), and with the approval of the CEO and respective staff member or client (in relation to employee or client records).

WHISE staff, contractors, volunteers and students are required to sign an Employee Privacy, Confidentiality And Security Agreement [PDF: 121KB].

Privacy - you have the right to:

  • Choose what personal information to tell us
  • Be fully informed about how we use and store your information securely
  • Check your personal information at any time, to see that it is correct
  • Remain anonymous while using WHISE services

Our staff have the responsibility to:

  • Only collect the information that is necessary to assist in your care and support
  • Make sure all client files and information are kept safely and securely
  • Keep your information confidential and not release it to any other party, without your consent